Sunday, 23 October 2016

Independent council - a working model for all

Frome in Somerset has a wholly independent council, with no political affiliation and no corporate allegiances, and council that serves its local inhabitants with great success and in total contrast to the previous bunch!
While this has not stopped the fraudulently enforced collection of Council Tax by the private corporation Capita on behalf of (contracted to) Mendip District Council, a way to increase Capita's vast share of Britain's Public Funds for its private shareholders and executives, at least the allocation of local Public Funds to Frome Council is spent wisely and for the benefit of the inhabitants!

Frome Independent Council

Peter MacFadyen

Other members of the public around the country, sick of the corruption and rot inside the corporate councils, may want to question any political affiliation in their local councils and want to stand as Independent councillors, to expose the political corruption and restore some elements of local democracy!

Chester West & Chester council - ANOTHER "rotten borough"!

Exposing yet another rotten corporate council!

The inhabitants of Chester will want to know about their ROTTEN council and why their precious Public Funds have been squandered for private profits!

Corporate corruption and Council tax fraud - MUST SEE!!!

The corporate councils are all corrupted, to some degree or other. All of them are hiding their "Unusable Reserves" in secretive accounting by their CFO/Section 151 officer, 'reserves' that are enough to end any fraud of "austerity".

Corporate corruption and Council tax fraud - MUST SEE!!! (Freedom North West 2016 HD)

Time to expose the FRAUD & CORRUPTION of the corporate councils, and stop paying Council Tax & Business Rates!

CPAG Council Tax Handbook 11th edition 2016

A video that clarifies about many aspects of Council Tax and the ways in which the corporate councils penalise the local inhabitants for their own rot & corruption, losses, debts, etc.

CPAG Council Tax Handbook 11th edition 2016

The CPAG is concerned about "social & welfare law" so they may be able to help those who are 'in contract' with the corporate councils & their private-for-profit administrative corporations and urgently need help.

Councils that ban/fine rough sleepers & homeless people

Many councils have been imposing or planning to impose heavy fines upon homeless people. The only reason that people are homeless is because of council policies about sheltered housing, social housing, lax policies on 'buy-to-let' and speculative investments, corporate policies and bribery, that are removing lower cost and 'social housing' from towns and cities, without proper provision for new housing to be built or the MILLIONS of empty homes around the country (far more than the numbers of homeless) being compulsory purchased at cost and given to the inhabitants at proper rents.

Some examples of corrupt & self-serving corporate councils:

The corporate councils are disgraceful. They don't work for the local inhabitants, but seek to get locals to comply to their corporate structures by adopting titles such as "resident" and "occupier", which are nothing more than corporate 'legalese' deceptions to establish liability.
When enough people realise what these criminal corporations are doing, then they will stop paying Council Taxes and Business Rates!

Local Government Act 1888

All those reading this can see that there are NO outstanding amendments to the Act. This means the Act is fully in force today!
"(2) All duties and liabilities of the inhabitants of a county shall become and be duties and liabilities of the council of such county. "

As we know that the corporate councils have been 'hoarding' local Public Funds for years, leading to huge sums in "Unusable Reserves" that provide income from interest on investments. These essentially undeclared 'reserves' are enough to pay all the debts/obligations of the "inhabitants"but will never be used for the benefit of the 'residents' or 'occupiers'!

Some people want to know more: