Friday, 25 March 2016

Nottingham City Council - TRULY a 'rotten borough'!

Having cut funding from 4 different homeless hostels, Nottingham City Council have decided to spend the money saved on demonising the homeless. Horrifically outdated and stereotyping propaganda. Shame on you Nottingham City Council!

The inhabitants of Nottingham will remember the council child care home paedophile scandals that led to the closure of numerous homes. They will be aware of the campaigns by Mikey Summers and many others to expose the leading members of Nottingham City Council who have been either directly involved in paedophilia or involved in covering-up paedophilia and silencing critics. Many Nottingham inhabitants will want to know how much the council holds in its Unusable Reserve accounts and the proportion of Council Tax that goes to the council pensions. Such questions can be asked of the Section 151 Officer and viewed in the accounts.
Many Nottingham inhabitants will agree that they should STOP PAYING any Council Tax to paedophile protectors, frauds and liars!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Time Bombs under the Council Tax

"Frankly, with no prescribed record having been made, there is currently more evidence for sightings of flying saucers to be found in Government records than there is for the existence of thousands numbers of council tax liability orders supposedly being claimed by local authorities up and down the land."

There you have it! Councils are operating in FRAUD by claiming that courts have issued actual 'Liability Orders' when in every case they have not!
This FRAUD will not go away as long as the private corporate councils are allowed to hire 'Bulk Courts' for the day and issue their own FAKE 'Liability Orders' that are NOT signed by legally-qualified personnel and which include FRAUDULENT charges. When asked, the 'bailiffs' cannot provide any signed OR court-stamped documents and rely on intimidation, aggression, criminal threats & menaces, illegal breaking & entering, and usually protected by the corporate police as they carry out their criminal activities!
When enough inhabitants of Britain realise the full extent of the corporate SCAM, they will want to STOP PAYING Council Tax altogether!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Lambeth Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

"An 81-year-old social housing tenant has been forcibly removed from his home in South London, despite public and political opposition. Artist Tony Healy had been fighting against the eviction from his housing co-op, where he has lived for more than 30 years. Until, that is, Lambeth council made an unexpected move: sectioning him under the Mental Health Act."

How disgusting of Lambeth Council to use a 'Section' against an 81 year old man just because he resisted them! Time for ALL the inhabitants of Lambeth to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the COWARDS & TRAITORS in their council!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Is my Council funding Terrorism?

With corporate councils giving large amounts to central government and a proportion has been used to fund terrorists in various countries, it is clearly time for Britain's inhabitants to question whether paying Council Tax is legal!

Paying Council Tax & Business Rates is funding crime!

Councils have £22.5 billion in Usable Reserves

"over the past year, local authorities added nearly £1 billion more to their non-ringfenced reserves – taking the total to £22.5 billion."

With so much available in Usable Reserves it's a wonder why so many inhabitants of Britain pay so much in Council Tax!