Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bedroom Tax - what MPs are doing...

Attempts to change the 'Bedroom Tax' are in process, but 231 MPs voted against any changes. To their credit "Seventy Conservative MPs ignored a three line whip and stayed away from Westminister." And "Angie Bray, Tory MP for Ealing Central and Acton, voted against her party."

This was the situation last year when the Bedroom Tax was subject to a vote in Parliament. Many Labour and other MPs failed to turn up or vote 'Against'!

And of course there's the list of those MPs who voted 'For' the Bedroom Tax AND have claimed large amounts in accommodation expenses:

As the list shows, plenty of LibDem MPs voted 'For' the 'hated' Bedroom Tax and ALL deserve to be sacked as soon as possible!

None of this will come as a surprise to many. As many people know, Council Tax is a scam being collected by private corporations for their profits, which is the serious CRIME of Misappropriation of Public Funds during a time of unlawfully imposed 'austerity' by the ConDemAll government. ALL those who support Bedroom Tax ought to be sacked immediately, and those MPs that support the corporate profit from the collection and administration of Public Funds ought also to be sacked for their involvement in serious CRIMINAL activity!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Corporate councils support corporate embezzlement of OUR money!

Corporate councils are in 'partnership' with administrative corporations such as SERCO and Capita, but the same private-for-profit corporations are not paying Corporation Tax! This simply means that huge multinational corporations are profiting from Britain's Public Funds whilst involved in CRIMINAL tax avoidance, conspiring with tax collection officials and corporations to embezzle Britain's precious Public Funds during a time of imposed 'austerity' on the majority. ALL councils are acting in this way and ALL executives and managers of the corporate councils are guilty of CRIMINAL Misconduct in Public Office and a wide conspiracy to cover-up these CRIMES!
"Capita only paid £50-£56 million, while Serco paid £25 million in tax.
The NAO revealed that the profit margins made by four companies on their public sector work averaged around 5 per cent. While this is slightly lower than the typical margins to which a FTSE100 company might operate, they work on the basis of highly valuable, stable and often much longer-term contracts."

ANY payment of Council Tax to these PROVEN corporate tax CHEATS and embezzlers of Public Funds is support for those involved and support for their CRIMES!

Rotherham City Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

The disgusting story of the child abuse in Rotherham has been hitting the headlines:
"A former social worker at Rotherham Council has accused the council of deliberately under-reporting the number of children at risk to meet targets, while the children themselves were overlooked."
Now witnesses are being held in police custody and apparently charged with "arson", both in Rotherham and Nottingham. A cover-up of epic proportions is under way and corporate council staff AND police AND Social Services are involved!

Some updates available here:

And now Rotherham Council plans to "outsource" child care? Is that an admission that their CRIMINALLY negligent staff can't do their job either properly or lawfully?
Which is probably why this is happening:
"Blundering police and town hall officials face fresh inquiries into their “complete dereliction of duty” over child sex abuse in Rotherham, the Home Secretary said today.
Rotherham Council could be stripped of its child protection role..."

Even the New York Times has exposed the CRIMINALS working in the police!

Nobody in Rotherham should be paying Council Tax to a council that clearly has caused serious harm & loss to thousands of the local inhabitants. The proven history of criminal neglect by police, council staff, council executives, etc ought to result in dismissals and CRIMINAL prosecutions, not just a few 'resignations'! Misconduct in Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds are serious CRIMINAL offences. Anyone giving financial to support known CRIMINALS is complicit in the same CRIMES!