Monday, 22 December 2014

The Seven Nolan Principles

The Committee on Standards in Public Life (Nolan Committee) has set out seven principles of public life which it believes should apply to all in public service. The following are the seven principles of conduct that underpin the work of public authorities.

The following are the Seven Nolan Principles:
1 Selflessness:
Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other benefits for themselves, their family or their friends.
2 Integrity:
Holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might seek to influence them in the performance of their official duties.
3 Objectivity:
In carrying out public business, including making public appointments, awarding contracts, or recommending individuals for rewards and benefits, holders of public office should make choices on merit.
4 Accountability:
Holders of public office are accountable for their decisions and actions to the public and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their office.
5 Openness:
Holders of public office should be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions that they take. They should give reasons for their decisions and restrict information only when the wider public interest clearly demands.
6 Honesty:
Holders of public office have a duty to declare any private interests relating to their public duties and to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public interest
7 Leadership:
Holders of public office should promote and support these principles by leadership and example

Saturday, 20 December 2014

County Durham - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Decades of child abuse by the leader of Stanley Town Council, County Durham!

How can these politicians evade justice for so long, while their victims are so often ignored and even attacked for speaking the truth?
Over and over again we hear about council members abusing children and evading justice. Council 'Social Services' (private-for-profit registered companies) are stealing children for profit, illustrating very clearly how low a regard for the welfare of children, and families, exists in councils across the country!

Why £47bn pension black hole threatens to push up council tax

Why £47bn pension black hole threatens to push up council tax...

"Michael Johnson, author of the report, said the 89 different funds that are used to pay retired workers were "ponzi schemes in the making".
Three in four were in deficit, he said, as the amount of money paid in by workers each year was failing to cover the costs of payouts to the elderly."

As has been repeatedly made clear, more Council Tax goes to private pensions than goes to Public Services. Which means that Council Tax is FRAUDULENT and therefore CRIMINAL! Councils submit FRAUDULENT accounts with their yearly demands for payment. They do NOT include the pension spending, or the interest on debt, or the massive expenses paid to executives, or the payments/bribes to retiring council staff to prevent whistleblowing on the council FRAUD!
Council Tax pension schemes are ALREADY "ponzi schemes" that have been invested in unethical and even criminal investments, which is why the schemes have so often failed to retain original balance, failed to make any return, and have lost badly! Over and over again the CRIMINAL corporate councils have lost vast sums of Public Funds, making them guilty of Misconduct in Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds, both serious CRIMINAL offences!

It is time to STOP PAYING Council Tax!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Pantomime Council Court Procedure

"Liability to pay Council Tax actually comes from The Poor Laws and not The 1992 Local Government Finance Act (which is what all those administering Council Tax will tell you.)
Being a Registered Person on a Roll means there is a Liability to pay through the Registration of a Person by a Parish. The Poor Laws of Britain meant Councils owed you a “duty of care” as you are their Registered property through The Crown ( Pauper). In return you are liable to pay any taxes and have been given certain obligations."

The audio version:

The government website on Council Tax debt is misleading:

The audio version:

Friday, 28 November 2014

Neath Port Talbot Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

"As hardened as I am, I still find it sickeningly repulsive that Julie Rzezniczek along with others from Neath Port Talbot Council Social Services, Representatives of the Welsh Assembly Government and the Medical Profession could inflict such cruelty against an innocent seriously ill 12 year old child."

As has been clearly shown, Social Services in all counties are private-for-profit registered businesses who are stealing children from their parents for private profits!

Just more reason to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the CRIMINALS in the corporate councils!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Friday, 21 November 2014

UK councils at risk of collapse

"Half the UK’s local councils are at risk of collapse, the government’s official auditor has said, warning that one in six may be unable to provide basic services this year."

No wonder so many councils are "at risk of collapse" - they're paying their executives far more than central government members!
Why is there no accountability when they receive so much Public Funds? Why do they get copper-bottomed pensions at the end of their tenure of selling-off public assets, contracting with private companies for Public Services, giving the administration of Public Funds to private corporations, and cutting back on vital Public Services? This type of obvious CORRUPTION & FRAUD will not go away until the majority of people act decisively!

The current ConDemAll government is deliberately destroying our elected local government by imposing legislation and taxation that is inherently unfair and even unlawful. Many will conclude that this is being implemented so as to create the situation for EU Regional Councils to take over the running of Britain. While many councils have sought to assist their residents with problems with their Council Tax and Bedroom Tax and by continuing provision of vital Public Services, such councils are often penalised for doing so.
As is well known, the majority of council funds come from Business Rates that are collected by private-for-profit administrative corporations (Capita, SERCO, Southwest One Ltd, etc), and sent straight to central government for redistribution, whilst actual Council Taxes are primarily for private profits, expenses and pensions! The government is therefore withholding funds collected from counties/boroughs and using the same funds for their own corruption, military spending, corporate subsidies, EU payments, interest on borrowing, bankster bonuses, payments to Israel, pay-offs for whistleblowers in councils and NHS, cover-ups of paedophile rings, and so on...
Eventually, councils may realise that they are being ripped-off and decide to defend themselves and their people. As long as councils continue to implement central government rules against the rights and freedoms of the people they are supposed to serve, then the people should STOP PAYING Council Tax!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cumbria County Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

"Lawyers for Cumbria County Council tried to suppress all information about the death of Poppi Worthington on the grounds it would be unfair to reveal shortcomings of public agencies..."

Time after time we hear of the private-for-profit councils and their private-for-profit 'Social Services' NOT serving the public at all, but in fact, working for quotas of the corporate-run Family Courts, quotas of foster care contracts, and quotas of forced adoptions, and ALL primarily for profit! This disgusting ABUSE & FRAUD constitutes Misconduct in Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds, both of which are serious CRIMINAL offences!
It's time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the CRIMINAL & FRAUDULENT councils, demand full accountability and an end to ALL private corporate administration of our councils!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Somerset County Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Not only is Somerset CC controlled by Southwest One Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of IBM, which means that Public Funds are being used directly for private profits, but, as is the same across the country, Somerset CC Social Services have been involved in the quota-driven SCAMS of forced adoptions and child stealing for cash!

Social Services - trading for profit!

Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax for corporate profits (FRAUD), Misconduct in Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Clear evidence of council FRAUD on a massive scale

More and more decent people are discovering the extensive FRAUD of the corporate councils as they make claims about a "hearing" when none occurs, make claims of a llegal 'Liability Order' when none exists, make claims that a judge signed documents when none did so, make complaints to the police about the obvious FRAUD and their complaint is rejected and ignored.

"09/11/2014.release,"alleged"fraudulent summons,Council Tax.potential massive scale in UK"

The CRIMINAL courts and councils are working with the full protection of the police. ALL are being paid for by Public Funds yet are NOT serving the Public but ONLY serving private-for-profit corporations! These CRIMES will not stop until the majority STOP PAYING Council Tax!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Courts & councils colluding in FRAUD!

The Justice's Clerks Society confirms the FRAUD!

"Some poor fool sent the wrong paperwork out and now we know that the courts and the councils are are in collusion over the FRAUDULENT collection of council tax..."

YET AGAIN we have solid proof that the private-for-profit corporate councils are acting in FRAUD and are therefore CRIMINALS!
Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the CRIMINAL councils!

Dealing with Council Tax Bully Bailiffs - VIDEO

Useful FACTS about the nasty bailiffs!

"Council tax is forced upon us all, but the enforcement of it is completely illegal and fraudulent. Council tactics are to threaten bankruptcy, send in the bailiffs, get a charging order, or even apply for committal proceedings. If you have received a court summons, it is not from the Magistrate's court, but printed by the council itself. It costs £3 to issue a court summons (confirmed by court), so why are they charging upfront costs of over £100?

A liability order does not come from the Magistrate's court, although the council's private bailiffs state that they have one from the court. This is a breach of s12 of the 1911 Perjury Act.

In addition, the European Court of Human Rights states: The governments signatory hereto, being members of the Council of Europe,

Being resolved to take steps to ensure the collective enforcement of certain rights and freedoms other than those already included in Section 1 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms signed at Rome on 4th November 1950 (hereinafter referred to as the "Convention") and in Articles 1 to 3 of the First Protocol to the Convention, signed at Paris on 20th March 1952,

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1 -- Prohibition of imprisonment for debt

No one shall be deprived of his liberty merely on the ground of inability to fulfil a contractual obligation.

Non payment of council tax is a civil, not a criminal matter.

You have every right to request a true liability order from the council and private bailiffs, as the form is printed by the council, and not the court. Don't fall for their lies.

All information is fully researchable. I have provided links within the video. Other videos I would recommend watching are "Courts and Collusion". "

Monday, 13 October 2014

The illegal and fraudulent practice of 'Council Tax' enforcement

"The process the council use to issue court summons is called passing off. When the individuals miss their due date, or fail to pay their council tax, the council ring up the court stating that a certain number of summons must be issued. What the court then does is to give the council a due date and time to put on the summons notice, so the council invite non payers of council tax to a bulk hearing."
"All in all, the way councils enforce non-payment of council tax is completely fraudulent. It is bullying all the way. If they were charging people £3 for the issue of a summons then fair enough, but £104.00 to attend a bulk hearing is entirely unlawful. Remember, the council issues these summons with the date and time to hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, with the hope that they will not turn up and a liability order is issued, so that they can hire their “bouncers” to collect."

Some useful tips for dealing with the bailiff bullies:

And yet the private-for-profit corporate councils have the discretion to write-off any debts!
"Councils will not tell you;
1. That they have the discretion to write off the tax for vulnerable and impoverished people  under clause 10 (1) 13A (1) of the Local Government Finance Act 2012."

Yet MORE FRAUD by the corporate criminals!
Time to STOP PAYING them a penny!

Council whistleblower who signed gagging agreement speaks out

Another council whistleblower tells the TRUTH about the VAST cover-up of extensive abuse of public money!
"council workers have been gagged at taxpayer's expense at a cost of up to £400,000 each"
Millions of pounds are being spent gagging workers to prevent stories of abuses and the serious Misappropriation of Public Funds! There is clearly a CULTURE OF CORRUPTION in councils across the UK. Thousands are complicit in the THEFT of public money!

More whistleblowers are welcome!
Shame upon those involved and who accept these bribes, those who fail to admit their guilt and tell the truth!

CROOKED COUNCILS confiscating over 100 homes a week from elderly people!

"Families are being forced to hand over properties because the current law means local authorities do not have to pay care costs."
The disgraceful & criminal councils are literally stealing homes from pensioners to pay for extortionate 'care'. In MANY cases homes are sold for far more than any 'care' is worth and the councils keep the difference! This is a national scandal and involves large numbers of council staff who are complicit in outright THEFT!

This type of THEFT, by definition, is just another reason for local people to wake up and realise they are being conned, and STOP paying the FRAUDULENT 'Council Tax'!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bedroom Tax - what MPs are doing...

Attempts to change the 'Bedroom Tax' are in process, but 231 MPs voted against any changes. To their credit "Seventy Conservative MPs ignored a three line whip and stayed away from Westminister." And "Angie Bray, Tory MP for Ealing Central and Acton, voted against her party."

This was the situation last year when the Bedroom Tax was subject to a vote in Parliament. Many Labour and other MPs failed to turn up or vote 'Against'!

And of course there's the list of those MPs who voted 'For' the Bedroom Tax AND have claimed large amounts in accommodation expenses:

As the list shows, plenty of LibDem MPs voted 'For' the 'hated' Bedroom Tax and ALL deserve to be sacked as soon as possible!

None of this will come as a surprise to many. As many people know, Council Tax is a scam being collected by private corporations for their profits, which is the serious CRIME of Misappropriation of Public Funds during a time of unlawfully imposed 'austerity' by the ConDemAll government. ALL those who support Bedroom Tax ought to be sacked immediately, and those MPs that support the corporate profit from the collection and administration of Public Funds ought also to be sacked for their involvement in serious CRIMINAL activity!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Corporate councils support corporate embezzlement of OUR money!

Corporate councils are in 'partnership' with administrative corporations such as SERCO and Capita, but the same private-for-profit corporations are not paying Corporation Tax! This simply means that huge multinational corporations are profiting from Britain's Public Funds whilst involved in CRIMINAL tax avoidance, conspiring with tax collection officials and corporations to embezzle Britain's precious Public Funds during a time of imposed 'austerity' on the majority. ALL councils are acting in this way and ALL executives and managers of the corporate councils are guilty of CRIMINAL Misconduct in Public Office and a wide conspiracy to cover-up these CRIMES!
"Capita only paid £50-£56 million, while Serco paid £25 million in tax.
The NAO revealed that the profit margins made by four companies on their public sector work averaged around 5 per cent. While this is slightly lower than the typical margins to which a FTSE100 company might operate, they work on the basis of highly valuable, stable and often much longer-term contracts."

ANY payment of Council Tax to these PROVEN corporate tax CHEATS and embezzlers of Public Funds is support for those involved and support for their CRIMES!

Rotherham City Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

The disgusting story of the child abuse in Rotherham has been hitting the headlines:
"A former social worker at Rotherham Council has accused the council of deliberately under-reporting the number of children at risk to meet targets, while the children themselves were overlooked."
Now witnesses are being held in police custody and apparently charged with "arson", both in Rotherham and Nottingham. A cover-up of epic proportions is under way and corporate council staff AND police AND Social Services are involved!

Some updates available here:

And now Rotherham Council plans to "outsource" child care? Is that an admission that their CRIMINALLY negligent staff can't do their job either properly or lawfully?
Which is probably why this is happening:
"Blundering police and town hall officials face fresh inquiries into their “complete dereliction of duty” over child sex abuse in Rotherham, the Home Secretary said today.
Rotherham Council could be stripped of its child protection role..."

Even the New York Times has exposed the CRIMINALS working in the police!

Nobody in Rotherham should be paying Council Tax to a council that clearly has caused serious harm & loss to thousands of the local inhabitants. The proven history of criminal neglect by police, council staff, council executives, etc ought to result in dismissals and CRIMINAL prosecutions, not just a few 'resignations'! Misconduct in Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds are serious CRIMINAL offences. Anyone giving financial to support known CRIMINALS is complicit in the same CRIMES!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Blackpool Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Yet another suicide because of 'council tax debt'!
This family man was "depressed" because council appointed bailiffs were harassing him for £600!
Blackpool Council should now be investigated as to why they authorised the harassment and intimidation of yet another struggling family!

When the CRIMINAL corporate councils harass families and individuals for FICTIONAL DEBT to fund the corporate FRAUD and EMBEZZLEMENT of Public Funds for PRIVATE PROFITS, then they should be held liable and be forced to pay substantial compensation to ANY families involved!

The "housing benefit bombshell"!

 The "housing benefit bombshell" that WON'T go away!

"It is all part of the “long-term economic plan” that the Conservatives keep mentioning, every chance they get.
That plan is to provide government support to major employers and to private landlords rather than the people who need it."

The SCANDAL of the corporate-run and therefore FRAUDULENT UK plc government and their huge corporate SCAM of embezzling and siphoning-off Public Funds to their friends, is now well exposed!
Whilst central government continues in its plans to bankrupt the councils and pave the way for EU regional government, they have needed ways to create enormous division and separation in the counties, corrupting corporate councils with bribes for Fracking and planning infringements, forcing the sales of council assets (Public Property) into private hands and steadily rotting councils from within!

Third Party Interlopers OWN THE DEBT!

When a 'debt collection company' or bailiff company "purchase a debt" THEY OWN THE DEBT! That means that the DEBT IS PAID! There is NO FURTHER LIABILITY unless YOU choose it! These companies rely upon 'Joinder', established on the phone or in person by confirming 3 sets of personal details, to pay them a single penny! They rely upon intimidation and harassment to create 'Joinder' and to bully people into paying them!
ALL folk facing these bullies should learn the basic TRUTHS about these FAKE and FRAUDULENT claims!

When the corporate councils sell-on their FRAUDULENT 'debts' to 'debt collection agents' the claim is to be considered "settled in full" and "no further contact is necessary". Then it's time to send an Estoppel that establishes a proper Fee Schedule for ANY further contact. These Fee Schedules CAN be enforced in court!

Notice of Lawful Tax Rebellion

Can be adapted to suit personal circumstances:


I have received legal advice that
(i) The actions of the UK government in waging war in Afghanistan and Iraq causing the deaths of innocent civilians are illegal and constitute crimes of genocide and crimes against peace; and
(ii) The actions of the British tax payers in paying taxes to HM Government which uses them to finance the war and the killing of Iraqi nationals, constitute crimes of ‘conduct ancillary to genocide’ and ‘complicity in a crime against peace’.

As free-human-on-the-land known in ancient times as Albion, I no longer accept a taxation system where we are forced to support illegal warfare. I won’t support the unlawful killing of men, women and children in waging unlawful wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. These wars have also injured 3 million people, and driven 8 million of them into exile.
I admit that by paying taxes I have unwittingly supported the illegal wars.
I confirm that I have never intentionally broke the laws of war, and that I made my tax payments to parliament, the British government and its agents in the mistaken belief that they were to be used for lawful purposes.
I renounce all forms of violence against any human being.
I promise never to aid, abet or support a war of aggression. This means an unlawful use of armed force which breaches international treaties and agreements.
I withdraw my consent to the payment of taxes [income tax, council tax, VAT, PAYE, corporation tax, fines, duties etc.] and all payments to the UK or EU governments, or their agents, for as long as they continue to use our money to violate international treaties and the laws of war.
I give notice to any corporation or person acting as agent of the UK, US AND EU governments of their lawful duty to pay all taxes, duties, fines or loan repayments into escrow accounts. The money in these accounts can then only be accessed by tax collectors when our political, civil, judicial and military leaders recall the troops and begin to uphold and enforce correctly the laws of war.
My intention in taking this action is to create peaceful, fair, just, equitable, law-abiding, compassionate, democratic society working in cooperation and brotherhood with all nations. I am not alone in my beliefs and I know that we want to bring about a better world for this and future generations.
I am a soul living my purpose.

By: Free-human-on-the-land

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Council Tax increase - MORE FRAUD!

While central government gives Billions in tax subsidies to various corporations, has given Billions of pounds to PROVEN CRIMINALS in Lloyds Bank and RBS group, has given Billions of pounds to Israel, gave over £170 Million to terrorists in Syria, proposes Billions for HS2, proposes Trillions to be spent on Trident, and has lost Hundreds of Millions on the failed DWP Universal Credit system:
...has allowed MPs to get away with Millions of pounds in numerous expenses scandals, gives Millions of pounds to MPs and Lords for their bar expenses, raised MPs wages by 11% whilst cutting basic benefits to the majority, has given Millions of pounds of Public Money to the 'charity' Common Purpose, spends Billions of pounds on munitions, gives Hundreds of Millions to the monarchy every year (the queen is the richest person on the planet), has misused and misappropriated Millions of Public Funds on protecting PROVEN paedophiles in the media, law enforcement, social services and government, and all that whilst depriving Millions of people of basic living needs, driving Hundreds of Thousands of people into debt and tens of Thousands of people to death (including Thousands of suicides)!

Now, to add insult to CRIMINAL injury, they are increasing the PROVEN FRAUDULENT Council Tax (aka Poll Tax) to pay for even more CORRUPTION!

It really is time to STOP PAYING Council Tax!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Nottinghamshire County Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

As more and more folk are discovering, ALL councils have something to hide!
After scandal upon scandal involving Social Services (private-for-profit registered companies -, secret Family Courts, the very CORRUPT corporate Ministry of Justice, corporate police and lawyers, we know children are the creators of jobs and huge salaries for the corrupt and used as sex toys for the perverted!
(80 victims found - so far!)

How strange that yet more files on paedophiles have 'disappeared'! It seems that the paedophiles in central government, parliament and house of lords, and in the CORRUPT corporate councils, are desperate to hide their CRIMES!

Nottinghamshire County Council consists largely of CRIMINALS!

Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Police have BOTH been involved in the COVER-UP of paedophilia in Nottinghamshire!

Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to ALL councils, and especially to the PAEDOPHILES in Nottinghamshire County Council!

Whistleblowers are invited to come forward, on this issue and on a WIDE RANGE OF ISSUES concerning the VERY CORRUPT councils!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Thanet Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Both Labour Party and Tory councillors voted in a 'rule' that says they can receive bribes/"gifts" up to the value of £100 without declaring it!

...and, to make matters worse, MANY other councils have a similar 'rule'!

This is CORRUPTION all the way to the top! These 'Public Servants' are FRAUDULENT LIARS who are committing serious CRIMINAL offences of Misconduct in Public Office, Misappropriation of Public Funds and also Treason!
Time for the majority to STOP PAYING Council Tax!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Is Council Tax Lawful?

WHERE is the law that says ANYONE has to pay Council Tax?

Council staff claim that the Local Government Finance Act 1992 gives them the power to collect Council Tax. But when we examine this Act we find that it specifically says that NON-DOMESTIC property is liable!

Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the FRAUDULENT & CRIMINAL corporations and CRIMINAL corporate stooges in local councils!

And By The Way,
When YOU register to vote with your local council YOU becoming liable for the FRAUDULENT Poll Tax (aka Council Tax)
So, DON'T REGISTER and avoid the FRAUD & SCAM of the CRIMINAL corporate councils and their FRAUDULENT 'Tax'!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Bradford Magistrate's Court Council Tax hearing - PROOF OF FRAUD!

ALL court hearings for 'Council Tax' are FRAUDULENT because they do NOT follow the correct legal procedures and are unable to produce ANY Liability Order!
Which means that the Magistrates in this video are operating in FRAUD, working for private-for-profit corporations and are therefore PROVEN CRIMINALS!

These PROVEN CRIMINALS need to be informed that they are committing FRAUD and TREASON and their FRAUDULENT 'summons', 'warrants', and 'liability orders' are ALL FRAUD and have NO force in law!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bradford City Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

"There is no evidence that a liability order was issued on 19th March 2014 and it is believed that none exists. 
The two interested parties, Bradford Magistrates Court and Bradford City Council have been deemed to be in error in this matter." 

When challenged to produce a Liability Order both the court and council fail to do so. It can only mean that no such 'order' exists and the claim by Bradford City Council is FRAUDULENT. FRAUD is a serious CRIMINAL offence, which takes the matter from Civil into CRIMINAL! This situation is similar or the same in all the other councils around the country!
Time for folk of integrity in Bradford, and other council areas, to STOP PAYING Council Tax!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

  • Despite the fact that if this was a private property they would have prosecuted the landlord!
  • Despite the fact that the 1985 Housing Act says such a room cannot be a bedroom
  • Despite the fact that the Housing Act 2004 and accompanying guidance would not class this as a bedroom
  • Despite the fact that Wirral Council is Labour run
  • Despite the fact that the tenants MP is Frank Field – he whom every government defers to on welfare matters including Conservative governments
  • Despite the fact that less than a mile away it is Esther McVeys constituency
  • Despite the fact this 36.53 square feet room is “L-shaped” too!"

Once again, proving that the Labour Party is deeply involved in the FRAUDULENT 'council tax' and the CORRUPT & CRIMINAL corporate government and their plan to impoverish vast numbers of people in Britain!

Birmingham City Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Birmingham City Council appear to be claiming that their UNLAWFUL and ILLEGAL enforcement of CORRUPT corporate government policies is beyond their control. But the evidence of CRIMINAL and FRAUDULENT embezzlement of Public Funds for private profit and private pensions, vast expenses for executives, managers and other staff, enormous investment portfolios, huge interest payments on 'debts', the flogging-off of public assets and contracts, is VERY CLEAR!

Birmingham City Council is managed by Capita, a multinational corporation that 'manages' (for profit)
"... the entire revenue collection process for the council - council tax and business rates."
  • IT infrastructure: desktops, networks, applications, servers, service management – all run by just 1100 professionals
  • contact centre: we took on the management of the council’s customer contact centre operations, dealing with over two million calls a year
  • education services: complete IT solutions for schools, youth centres, libraries, museums and arts centres –providing the necessary capacity for a city-wide community e-learning programme
  • revenue: we are now managing the entire revenue collection process for the council – council tax and business rates
  • business transformation: we’re collaborating with the council, providing support and advice for its business transformation programme.
  • - See more at:
    the entire revenue collection process for the council – council tax and business rates - See more at:
    the entire revenue collection process for the council – council tax and business rates - See more at:
    the entire revenue collection process for the council – council tax and business rates - See more at:
    And of course Capita manage TVL who collect revenue for BBC, a private-for-profit corporation that protected dangerous serial PAEDOPHILES (and worse!) who committed CRIMINAL ABUSE of hundreds of children!

    The council is withholding Public Funds from the inhabitants leading to widespread poverty. Those responsible are guilty of Misconduct in Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds, both serious CRIMINAL offences!

    Wednesday, 11 June 2014

    Basic Income - a Human Right!

    The CORRUPT corporate councils are denying a basic income to millions of people and their families, by implementing and enforcing ILLEGAL 'corporate rules', AGAINST the Constitutional and Common Laws of Britain!
    As we know, the Local Government Act 1888 empowers councils to oppose central government:
    Yet most councils are complying with the corporate central government even though they know that they are acting AGAINST the Constitutional Laws and Customs of Britain!

    When councils deny ANY of their county inhabitants the basic income necessary to live in good health and security, THEY are acting AGAINST Basic Human Rights! Their job is to SERVE the inhabitants NOT penalise them on behalf of (PROVEN CORRUPT) central government. These ILLEGAL acts make councils complicit in CRIME and signify that ALL inhabitants should be withholding ALL local rates and taxes until the county councils UPHOLD THE LAW! Not only that, but, council officials are committing the serious CRIMINAL offence of Misconduct in Public Office, an offence that makes them liable for dismissal, hefty fines AND imprisonment!

    Tuesday, 10 June 2014

    FRAUD in the courts and councils!

    "People throughout the UK are having their homes broken into, being evicted, having property seized and utilities cut off on a daily basis by private bailiff companies masquerading as court officials and who are then presenting court documents which are fraudulent!"

    Fraud is a serious CRIMINAL offence! This means that councils across Britain are committing serious CRIMINAL offences almost every day! The council staff are complicit in the FRAUD and can be held personally accountable and liable for their actions!
    NOW is the time for ALL inhabitants of all the counties to stand up to CRIMINALS in the private-for-profit corporate councils and make sure that each and every one is served Notice of Fraud so that they cannot deny willful involvement in CRIMINAL activity!

    Monday, 9 June 2014

    Local Government Finance Act 1992 - CLARIFICATION & template letter...

    Letter to the Local Council, Councillors, MPs. and Police.

    It has come to our attention through the research of many diligent men and women, men and women who see the present system as one of ‘forcing’ Inhabitants of [YOUR LOCATION (COUNCIL DISTRICT OR BOROUGH) HERE] to pay for something they are not obliged to pay for. It would appear that Council Tax is both unlawful and illegal.

    The local council, ‘[YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY HERE]’, claim their authority for demanding council tax is from the Local Government Finance Act 1992 (LGFA 1992).
    The council claim that the LGFA 1992 gives authority to demand tax on ‘Dwellings’ and that Inhabitants of the 'District' live in ‘Dwellings’, so the Inhabitants MUST pay council tax for the very fact that they live in ‘Dwellings’ in [YOUR LOCATION (COUNCIL DISTRICT OR BOROUGH) HERE].

    Please take note of words in bold italics.

    LGFA1992 section 1 Council Tax;

    1 Council tax in respect of dwellings.

    (1)As regards the financial year beginning in 1993 and subsequent financial years, each billing authority shall, in accordance with this Part, levy and collect a tax, to be called council tax, which shall be payable in respect of dwellings situated in its area.
    [F1] (2) In this Part “billing authority” means—
    (a) In relation to England, a district council or London borough council, the Common Council or the Council of the Isles of Scilly, and
    (b) In relation to Wales, a county council or county borough council.]
    (3)For the purposes of this Part the Secretary of State may make regulations containing rules for treating a dwelling as situated in a billing authority’s area if part only of the dwelling falls within the area.

    If we look at the meaning of ‘Dwelling’ in the LGFA 1992, section 3 of the act says;

    3 Meaning of “dwelling”.
    (1)This section has effect for determining what is a dwelling for the purposes of this Part.
    (2)Subject to the following provisions of this section, a dwelling is any property which—
    (a)by virtue of the definition of hereditament in section 115(1) of the M1General Rate Act 1967, would have been a hereditament for the purposes of that Act if that Act remained in forceand
    (b) is not for the time being shown or required to be shown in a local or a central non-domestic rating list in force at that timeand
    (c) is not for the time being exempt from local non-domestic rating for the purposes of Part III of the M2Local Government Finance Act 1988 (“the 1988 Act”);
    If we now look at the interpretation of the word hereditament in the General Rate Act 1967 (GRA 1967).

    115 Interpretation
    (1)In this Act, except where the context otherwise requires, the following expressions have the following meanings respectively, that is to say—
    ” agricultural land ” has the meaning assigned by section 26(3) of this Act;
    ” charges”, in Part VI of this Act, includes fees and expenses;
    ” clerk “, in relation to any authority or body, includes any officer of the authority or body authorised by them to act on their behalf either generally or in relation to any particular matter;
    ” the Commissioners ” means the Commissioners of Inland Revenue;
    ” dwelling-house ” means a hereditament which, in accordance with Schedule 13 to this Act, is used wholly for the purposes of a private dwelling or private dwellings;
    (3)A hereditament which—
    (a) Is a composite hereditament for the purposes of Part III of the 1988 Act; and
    (b)would still be such a hereditament if paragraphs (b) to (d) of section 66(1) of that Act (domestic property) were omitted, is also, subject to subsection (6) below, a dwelling for the purposes of this Part.
    (4)Subject to subsection (6) below, none of the following property, namely—
    (a) a yard, garden, outhouse or other appurtenance belonging to or enjoyed with property used wholly for the purposes of living accommodation; or
    (b) a private garage which either has a floor area of not more than 25 square metres or is used wholly or mainly for the accommodation of a private motor vehicle; or
    (c) private storage premises used wholly or mainly for the storage of articles of domestic use,
    is a dwelling except in so far as it forms part of a larger property which is itself a dwelling by virtue of subsection (2) above.
    (6)The Secretary of State may by order amend any definition of “dwelling” which is for the time being effective for the purposes of this Part.

    As of today [TODAYS DATE] this section of the LGFA1992 has not been amended.

    If we now look at the above mentioned LGFA 1988 to find the interpretation of hereditament, section 64;

    64 Hereditaments.
    (1)A hereditament is anything which, by virtue of the definition of hereditament in section 115(1) of the 1967 Act, would have been a hereditament for the purposes of that Act had this Act not been passed.
    (2)In addition, a right is a hereditament if it is a right to use any land for the purpose of exhibiting advertisements and—
    (a) the right is let out or reserved to any person other than the occupier of the land, or
    (b) where the land is not occupied for any other purpose, the right is let out or reserved to any person other than the owner of the land.
    (3)The Secretary of State may make regulations providing that in prescribed cases—
    (a) anything which would (apart from the regulations) be one hereditament shall be treated as more than one hereditament;
    (b) anything which would (apart from the regulations) be more than one hereditament shall be treated as one hereditament.
    [F1(3A)The Secretary of State may make regulations providing that where on any land there are two or more moorings which—
    (a) are owned by the same person,
    (b) are not domestic property, and
    (c) are separately occupied, or available for separate occupation, by persons other than that person
    (4)A hereditament is a relevant hereditament if it consists of property of any of the following descriptions—
    (a) lands;
    (b) coal mines;
    (c) mines of any other description, other than a mine of which the royalty or dues are for the time being wholly reserved in kind;
    (8)A hereditament is non-domestic if either—
    (a) it consists entirely of property which is not domestic, or
    (b) it is a composite hereditament.
    (9)A hereditament is composite if part only of it consists of domestic property.
    (10)A hereditament shall be treated as wholly or mainly used for charitable purposes at any time if at the time it is wholly or mainly used for the sale of goods donated to a charity and the proceeds of sale of the goods (after any deduction of expenses) are applied for the purposes of a charity.
    (11)In subsection (2) above “land” includes a wall or other part of a building and a sign, hoarding, frame, post or other structure erected or to be erected on land.
    [F4] (12) In subsections (3A) and (3B) above “owner”, in relation to a mooring, means the person who (if the mooring is let) is entitled to receive rent, whether on his own account or as agent or trustee for any other person, or (if the mooring is not let) would be so entitled if the mooring were let, and “owned” shall be construed accordingly.]

    Up until now you may have noticed, no mention of private ‘DOMESTIC’ property being liable for ‘rating’ or ‘council tax’, unless part only is used wholly or mainly for business. We can now see what the LGFA 1988 section 65 says;

    65 Owners and occupiers.
    (1)The owner of a hereditament or land is the person entitled to possession of it.
    (5)A hereditament which is not in use shall be treated as unoccupied if (apart from this subsection) it would be treated as occupied by reason only of there being kept in or on the hereditament plant, machinery or equipment—
    (a) which was used in or on the hereditament when it was last in use, or
    (b) which is intended for use in or on the hereditament.
    (6)A hereditament shall be treated as unoccupied if (apart from this subsection) it would be treated as occupied by reason only of—
    (a) the use of it for the holding of public meetings in furtherance of a person’s candidature at a parliamentary or local government election, or
    (b)if it is a house, the use of a room in it by a returning officer for the purpose of taking the poll in a parliamentary or local government election.
    (7)In subsection (6) above “returning officer” shall be construed in accordance with section 24 or 35 of the M1 Representation of the People Act 1983 (as the case may be).
    (8)A right which is a hereditament by virtue of section 64(2) above shall be treated as occupied by the person for the time being entitled to the right.
    [F2 (8A) In a case where—
    (a) land consisting of a hereditament is used (permanently or temporarily) for the exhibition of advertisements or for the erection of a structure used for the exhibition of advertisements,
    (b) section 64(2) above does not apply, and
    (c) apart from this subsection, the hereditament is not occupied,
    the hereditament shall be treated as occupied by the person permitting it to be so used or, if that person cannot be ascertained, its owner.]

    Again no mention of DOMESTIC property. We now consider the ‘interpretation’ of domestic property in the LGFA 1988 section 66;

    66 Domestic property.
    (1)[F1Subject to subsections (2), (2B) and 2E below], property is domestic if—
    (a) it is used wholly for the purposes of living accommodation,
    (b) it is a yard, garden, outhouse or other appurtenance belonging to or enjoyed with property falling within paragraph (a) above,
    (c) it is a private garage [F2which either has a floor area of 25 square metres or less or is] used wholly or mainly for the accommodation of a private motor vehicle, or
    (d) it is private storage premises used wholly or mainly for the storage of articles of domestic use.
    [F3(2) Property is not domestic property if it is wholly or mainly used in the course of a business for the provision of short-stay accommodation, that is to say accommodation—
    (a) which is provided for short periods to individuals whose sole or main residence is elsewhere, and
    (b) which is not self-contained self-catering accommodation provided commercially.
    (2B)A building or self-contained part of a building is not domestic property if—
    (a)the relevant person intends that, in the year beginning with the end of the day in relation to which the question is being considered, the whole of the building or self-contained part will be available for letting commercially, as self-catering accommodation, for short periods totalling 140 days or more, and
    (b) on that day his interest in the building or part is such as to enable him to let it for such periods.
    (2C)For the purposes of subsection (2B) the relevant person is—
    (a)where the property in question is a building and is not subject as a whole to a relevant leasehold interest, the person having the freehold interest in the whole of the building; and
    (b) in any other case, any person having a relevant leasehold interest in the building or self-contained part which is not subject (as a whole) to a single relevant leasehold interest inferior to his interest.
    (2D)Subsection (2B) above does not apply where the building or self-contained part is used as the sole or main residence of any person [F5. . .]
    [F6 (2E)Property is not domestic property if it is timeshare accommodation within the meaning of the Timeshare Act 1992.]
    [F7(3)Subsection (1) above does not apply in the case of a pitch occupied by a caravan, but if in such a case the caravan is the sole or main residence of an individual, the pitch and the caravan, together with any garden, yard, outhouse or other appurtenance belonging to or enjoyed with them, are domestic property]
    [F8(4)Subsection (1) above does not apply in the case of a mooring occupied by a boat, but if in such a case the boat is the sole or main residence of an individual, the mooring and the boat, together with any garden, yard, outhouse or other appurtenance belonging to or enjoyed with them, are domestic property.
    (4A)Subsection (3) or (4) above does not have effect in the case of a pitch occupied by a caravan, or a mooring occupied by a boat, which is an appurtenance enjoyed with other property to which subsection (1)(a) above applies]
     (5)Property not in use is domestic if it appears that when next in use it will be domestic.
    (6 )F9. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    (7)Whether anything is a caravan shall be construed in accordance with Part I of the M1Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960.
    (8 )F9. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    [F10(8A)In this section—
    “business” includes—
    (a)any activity carried on by a body of persons, whether corporate or unincorporated, and
    (b)any activity carried on by a charity;
    “commercially” means on a commercial basis, and with a view to the realisation of profits; and
    “relevant leasehold interest” means an interest under a lease or underlease which was granted for a term of 6 months or more and conferred the right to exclusive possession throughout the term.]
    (9)The Secretary of State may by order amend, or substitute another definition for, any definition of domestic property for the time being effective for the purposes of this Part.

    As of today [TODAYS DATE]  this section of the LGFA1992 has not been amended.

    We now consider the ‘interpretations’ given within the LGFA 1988 section 67;

    67 Interpretation: other provisions.

    (1)Unless the context otherwise requires, references to lists are to local and central non-domestic rating lists.
    (2)Unless the context otherwise requires, references to valuation officers are to valuation officers for [F1 billing authorities]and the central valuation officer.
    (3)A right or other property is a hereditament on a particular day if (and only if) it is a hereditament immediately before the day ends.
    (4)A hereditament is relevant, non-domestic, composite, unoccupied or wholly or partly occupied on a particular day if (and only if) it is relevant, non-domestic, composite, unoccupied or wholly or partly occupied (as the case may be) immediately before the day ends.
    (5)For the purpose of deciding the extent (if any) to which a hereditament consists of domestic property on a particular day,[F2 or is a Crown hereditament on a particular day,] or is exempt from local non-domestic rating on a particular day, the state of affairs existing immediately before the day ends shall be treated as having existed throughout the day.
    [F3 (5A)In subsection (5) above “Crown hereditament” has the same meaning as in section 65A above.]
     (6)A person is the owner, or in occupation of all or part, of a hereditament on a particular day if (and only if) he is its owner or in such occupation (as the case may be) immediately before the day ends.
    (7)A relevant provision applies on a particular day if (and only if) it applies immediately before the day ends; and for this purpose relevant provisions are sections 43(6), 45(6) and 47(2) above.
    (8)For the purpose of deciding what is shown in a list for a particular day the state of the list as it has effect immediately before the day ends shall be treated as having been its state throughout the day; and “effect” here includes any effect which is retrospective by virtue of an alteration of the list.
    (9)A hereditament shall be treated as shown in a central non-domestic rating list for a day if on the day it falls within a class of hereditament shown for the day in the list; and for this purpose a hereditament falls within a class on a particular day if (and only if) it falls within the class immediately before the day ends.
    [F4 (9A)In subsection (9) above “class” means a class expressed by reference to whether hereditaments—
    (a)are occupied or owned by a person designated under section 53(1) above, and
    (b)fall within any description prescribed in relation to him under section 53(1).]
    (10)A charity is an institution or other organisation established for charitable purposes only or any persons administering a trust established for charitable purposes only.
    (11)The M11967 Act is the General Rate Act 1967.
    (12)Nothing in a private or local Act passed before this Act shall have the effect that a hereditament is exempt as regards non-domestic rating, or prevent a person being subject to a non-domestic rate, or prevent a person being designated or a description of hereditament being prescribed under section 53 above.
    (13)This section and sections 64 to 66 above apply for the purposes of this Part.

    If we are not mistaken it would appear that the only property liable to Council Tax is a ‘Dwelling’ and a ‘Dwelling’ is not Domestic Property, a ‘Dwelling’, it would appear is a ‘hereditament’.
    The above are not my “opinions”, they are the LAW as it is ‘interpreted’ by Parliamentarians, Judges, the Courts and all agents of the Government including ‘[YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY HERE]’. It would appear that a hereditament in respect of Domestic Property is a Domestic Property that part only is used, wholly or mainly, for the running of a commercial  business for profit, or, a charitable concern, or, a room used for the local prospective candidates for Public meetings, or, exhibition advertising signs, or, storage of plant and machinery, indeed anything but DOMESTIC PROPERTY used wholly for LIVING ACCOMMODATION.

    ” hereditament” means property which is or may become liable to a rate, being a unit of such property which is, or would fall to be, shown as a separate item in the valuation list;
    ” profits basis “, in relation to the valuation of a hereditament, means the ascertainment of the value of that hereditament by reference to the accounts, receipts or profits of an undertaking carried on therein;

    In consideration of the above facts we the ‘inhabitants of the [YOUR LOCATION (COUNCIL DISTRICT OR BOROUGH) HERE], expect you the ‘elected representatives’ to give this matter your full and undivided attention, in ascertaining whether ‘inhabitants of the Area’ residing in ‘domestic properties’ should be ‘forced’ to contribute towards the council’s coffers. Forced by way of a tax on the ‘inhabitants of the 'District’ who are not obliged ‘by law’ to contribute.

    If we are also not mistaken, ‘forcing’ inhabitants to pay for this insidious TAX is dare we say it, SLAVERY. For councils to have taken by force from ignorant, yes IGNORANT, people for 20 years without once letting up on the pressure to ‘pay’. To strip people of their property, to drive them from their homes, to steal ‘unpaid’ money from wages and benefits and to send ‘non-payers’ to prison for failing to ‘pay’ is, let’s be honest, just……EVIL. Many of these victims could not ‘pay’, not, would not ‘pay’.

    So Mr. MP., Mr. Councillor, Mr. Judge, Mr. Policeman where do we go from here, do you do your job or do we do it for you?

    All of the above can and should be checked and verified.

    All of the above can be found on-line at and do check out
    Part III of the M2 Local Government Finance Act 1988 
    There you will find many more definitions of HEREDITAMENT