Monday, 23 September 2013

Corporate councils are wasting millions...

While thousands of people and their families are being driven into debt and facing eviction, the corporate councils are wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds on telephone 'hold caller songs'? This is, by definition, very serious Misappropriation of Public Funds!

Debts and summonses for unlawful Council Tax?

Any harm committed to the Beneficiaries of the Public Trust, by the Trustees, signfies a criminal offence. Driving people into arbitration via private-for-profit corporate courts, over debts that are the direct result of the Misappropriation of Public Funds by the Trustees, all constitutes a serious criminal offence subject to imprisonment.
"...people are being pushed into deeper poverty following the Welfare Act Bill and cuts to the benefit system."

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tens of thousands facing eviction for CT arrears?

This disgraceful CRIMINAL scandal is not going away.
With tens of thousands of people facing eviction directly because of government policies, it is safe to say that the Trustees of the Public Trust (UK plc) are committing SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCES, including Misconduct in Public Office, Misappropriation of Public Funds and Treason!

Time for the majority to STOP PAYING COUNCIL TAX!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

'Bedroom Tax' costs more than it saves!

FRAUDULENT corporate councils are operating a HUGE SCAM FOR PRIVATE PROFIT!
That is the only conclusion to come to when considering the scandals of high and mostly fraudulent (spent on pensions, investments, corporate expenses, interest on debts, corporate profits, etc) Council Tax!
When it is known that the 'Bedroom Tax' is costing more than it saves then what can possibly be the purpose of it? To drive people from their homes in debt, or hold them in debt and force them to work for zero-hour contracts for their meagre 'benefits'?

Councils CAN be brought to account for their CRIMINAL activity:

When enough people make inquiries and disputes with the corrupt corporate councils, then the system will fail and collapse. When enough folk STOP PAYING COUNCIL TAX then the Trustees of the Public Trust will be brought to account!

UN housing expert declares UK govt policy against Human Rights

 More news about the UN housing expert and her pronouncement about 'Bedroom Tax' and Human Rights:

She makes it VERY clear, that to deprive people, whether vulnerable or not, of vital housing and basic security, is against the UN Human Rights and therefore MUST be changed immediately!

When enough people STOP PAYING COUNCIL TAX, and demand that the corporate UK plc government upholds fundamental Human Rights, then the situation will change for the better!